KAIF Corner 33

KAIF presents the KAIF platform to exclusive investors, a superlative blockchain project, full throttle into the future in Corner 33.

To the KAIF platform


Get the most expensive energy drink in the world and enjoy life on the Billionaires yacht in Dubai harbour.

Experience a unique meet & greet with Sheikh Javed in the Burj Khalifa or fly with him by helicopter over “The Palm” in Dubai.

Become a VIP guest at the exclusive KAIF events. Enjoy the great benefits of the Genesis collection.

In addition to the utilities mentioned, let yourself be surprised by exciting AirDrops and raffles.

The KAIF NFT launch

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KAIF NFT gold box

Only 10 unique golden cans are minted in the KAIF GENESIS Collection. Each NFT is a unique certificate of ownership for the real 24K gold box, delivered to you personally.

Get access to our exclusive KAIF Yacht Party on the KAIF Billionaires Yacht in Dubai Marina. Enjoy 30% discount at our KAIF Lounge and all KAIF restaurants in Dubai, choose between free access to all KAIF sponsored events or VIP access. Benefit from exclusive AirDrops and take part in exciting raffles.

As an expression of gratitude, the Unique 24K Royal Gold tin is presented to the UAE royal family. Be one of the first to secure a Legendary NFT alongside the royal family and Robert Lewandowski.

Secure your Unique Gold Can!


Our KAIF NFT holders benefit from a wide range of benefits according to their NFTs and enjoy our KAIFstyle.

  • VIP access to the KAIF Yacht Party incl. Drinks* (Legendary and Rare NFTs)

  • Get the REAL 24K Gold Tin and get it delivered personally* (Legendary)

  • KAIF Sheikh Meet & Greet in Dubai* (Legendary)

  • Access to the KAIFstyle Party at the KAIF Lounge in Dubai* (Legendary and Rare)

  • VIP access to events sponsored by KAIF incl. Matching merch* (Legendary and Rare)

  • Free lifetime access to all KAIF sponsored events* (Legendary and Rare)

  • Lifetime 30% discount in the KAIF Lounge and all KAIF Restaurants* (Legendary and Rare)

  • Exciting raffles for exclusive adventures and experiences* (Legendary, Rare & Common)

*Exclusive benefits for our NFT holders.