Holiday in Leoben.

On October 30th, 2021, the top game of the national league took place between the table leader Voitsberg and the second placed DSV Leoben. After the 3:0 victory of the DSV, the opening ceremony of our KAIF Business Center took place.

Sun, sold out stadium with 4,000 spectators, halftime show, home win and opening ceremony. KAIF and DSV Leoben made October 30th, 2021 a very special day.

The day started in the early afternoon with the top game of the Styrian national league between DSV Leoben and table leader Voitsberg. After the 3-0 victory with goals from Thomas Hirschhofer and Thomas Maier, the West Styrian lead was reduced to just 5 points.

Mission 2028

Our DSV competes this season under the “Mission 2028”. By then at the latest, Leoben should play in the 1st Bundesliga again.

At half-time, Schlager star Melissa Naschenweng created a good atmosphere. Some of the fans stood on their chairs and sang along loudly with their hits “Traktorführerschein”, “Di figiano” and “I stand on mountain farmer’s buam”.

Celebrities in Leoben

Prominence also with the stadium announcer. In addition to Martin Ropatsch, long-time RTL Formula 1 reporter Kai Ebel, better known as “Mr. Boxengasse”, moderated the programme.

The second highlight of the day was the opening of the KAIF Business Center. Those who had VIP rights that day were right there at the opening of the KAIF Business Center and were treated to a very high level of culinary delights. Of course there was also a KAIF energy drink for every guest. The business center is a new event location in Leoben. Perfect for corporate functions, events and celebrations.

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